breaking news... ships collide off Mauritius

Apr 22, 2005
Author: P&S

The container ship MSC Katie had to be run aground onto a reef off Mauritius early this morning following a collision with the Maersk-Sealand/Safmarine charter vessel Nordsun.

The collision occurred at 23.20 local time last night (Thursday, 21 April) as the Maersk-Sealand vessel was sailing from Port Louis. From reports the Nordsun collided head on with the incoming MSC Katie, causing a 10m x 2m rupture in the bulbous bow area of the MSC vessel. Water rushing in soon flooded the engine room, stopping all power and leaving pilots from the Mauritius port authority no choice but to run MSC Katie aground onto a reef and preventing further ingress of water or a possible sinking.

A senior pilot with the Mauritius port authority told Ports & Ships this morning that MSC Katie was not in any immediate danger and divers had gone to the vessel to assess the damage and a possible refloating.

Damage to The Nordsun is confined to her bow section where about 3m of forecastle area is badly crushed.

There are no injuries reported. Both vessels are deployed on their respective company’s South Africa – Far East service, which until a month ago operated as a joint service between both sets of companies.

By coincidence two ships from both companies were in collision off Durban on 5 September last year, when the Nordbeach dragged her anchors during heavy weather and drifted down onto the anchored MSC Lauren.



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