What happened to Yes Sir

Apr 19, 2005
Author: P&S

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What caused the Spanish fishing vessel Yes Sir to sink off Madagascar? This is a question the insurers and those conducting an investigation will want to know, but little was divulged when the crew of 17, rescued by another fishing vessel that happened to be close by, brought them safely to Durban last week.

According to reports the Panamanian-registered Yes Sir, believed to be owned by a Spanish company named Pesca Gales, sank in the Indian Ocean south of Madagascar during a fishing voyage. One of the few crew to speak of the incident related how he and his mates were taking in their nets when they were ordered to abandon ship, because Yes Sir was sinking. Being engrossed in the task of recovering nets he said neither he nor his colleagues had noticed anything untoward.

According to this man, who has since returned to his home country, another fishing vessel took them on board from where they watched Yes Sir go to the bottom within two hours.

Yes Sir arriving in Durban harbour in July 2004, since when she made frequent visits to the port - the last being in March this year picture Terry Hutson

This is reported to be at coordinates 33 3S and 43 50E. The rescued crew were subsequently brought to Durban on board the fishing vessel Marmoset where the Mozambicans, Kenyans and two South Africans were lodged at a Durban hotel until they were able to return home. The Spanish crew from Yes Sir were housed separately.


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