Setback for Nacala as railway hit by heavy rains

Jan 25, 2005
Author: P&S

Within days of the handover of the Nacala port and railway last week heavy rains brought rail traffic to a halt.

Rains in Northern Mozambique washed away ballast from a large section of the Nacala Malawi railway, preventing trains from getting through.

Malawi remains heavily dependent on the Nacala Corridor for its exports and imports.

The disruption occurred along a 130km stretch between Malema and Cuamba, according to reports. A spokesman for the CDN, the port and railway concessionaire said workmen had been sent to the scene and he hoped the line would have been restored by the past weekend.

Meanwhile heavy rain over the Zambezi headwaters in Angola and Zambia is causing the Zambezi River to rise and farmers along the course of the river in central Mozambique have been advised to move to higher ground.

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