Amver Award for Unicorn ship

Dec 3, 2004
Author: P&S

At a ceremony at the US Consulate in Durban earlier in November Unicorn Tankers was presented with a 2004 Amver Award for services rendered by the Unicorn tanker Simunye (44,818-dwt), in recognition of the ship’s participation in the Amver programme.

Currently about 12,000 ships participate in the Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue system (Amver), representing approximately 40% of the world’s shipping.

Participating vessels, of which Simunye is one, feed information relating to their position, intended sailing direction, communication links, medical facilities on board and helicopter capabilities to a US Coast Guard database. This improves the availability for the vessel to be utilized in a search and rescue operation when other vessels are in danger at sea or for downed aircraft.

According to the US Coast about 2700 ships on the Amver programme are on the Amver plot each day, providing a greater potential for a coordinated rescue operation to protect life, property and cargo at risk. Only ships that participate in the programme for at least 128 days a year receive the award. Since 1990 Amver ships have saved more than 1500 seafarers.

“We honour these ships because they perform humanitarian services voluntarily, asking nothing in return,” said US consul general Michael Thurston (right of picture) when presenting the award to Robert Young and Alan Olivier of Unicorn Tankers, on behalf of the master, crew and owners of South African ship Simunye. Picture Terry Hutson

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