Two ships collide off Durban

Sep 5, 2004
Author: P&S

Sunday 14.30

Two container ships at anchor in the Durban outer anchorage collided this afternoon soon after 14.00.

From reports it appears that the container ship Nordbeach dragged her anchor during a strong south-westerly wind (buster) that has been blowing in the Durban area since early this morning. The Nordbeach, believed to be on charter to a joint Maersk-Sealand and Safmarine service, drifted down and collided with MSC Lauren belonging to the Mediterranean Shipping Company which was at anchor nearby. The collision has caused some considerable damage to MSC Lauren’s bow.

By 14.30 both vessels remained entangled with Nordbeach’s anchor chains snared with those of MSC Lauren.

Durban Port Control has issued a warning of a 40ft container from the Nordbeach which has gone overboard and is floating in the sea.

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