Mother Nature is one lady we don’t argue with…

Mother Nature is one lady we don’t argue with…

From time to time, the forces of Nature create conditions that remind us of who is in charge. Even the largest ports with the most sophisticated machinery are forced to close when heavy weather, such as strong winds, sea swells and rain, make it impossible for port activities to continue.

These conditions cause two kinds of delays. Firstly, terminal operations inside the port (ie. loading and unloading cargo) can be suspended because it is unsafe to operate equipment such as ship-to-shore gantry cranes.

Secondly, ‘bunching’ delays are caused when adverse weather conditions force the port authorities to close the harbour, which results in many ships arriving outside the port at the same time creating a ‘traffic jam’ at sea.

These circumstances are beyond our control and South African Port Operations works tirelessly to make up for any backlog that may arise as a result of these delays.

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