Borobudur ship nears Tema, Ghana

Feb 22, 2004
Author: P&S

The Borobudur sailing ship (see various reports in this column detailing the progress of this little 8th century replica sailing ship on its epic voyage around Africa) is now less than 70 miles from it's destination of Tema, just east of Accra in Ghana, Africa.

The current ETA at Tema is between 12:00hrs and 16:00hrs Local time tomorrow, Monday 23rd February.

Now that the ship has reached the end of it's voyage the crew and organisers are to find a sponsor to help transport the wooden ship back from Ghana to a museum in Jakarta, Indonesia.

”At the moment we have not been able to identify any suitable shippers who will be able to sponsor the transportation of the ship back to the National Museum in Indonesia. So any ideas and offers would be gratefully received!” says the expedition’s email news service.

On arrival in Tema there will be a number of welcoming presentations, seminars and cultural shows in Accra over the next week to 10 days to celebrate this historic voyage. These have kindly been arranged by the Indonesian Embassy, The British Council, the National Commission on Culture, UNESCO and other organisations supporting the expedition.

“We will then update the website with more information and pictures from the voyage.”

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