Borobudur update

Jan 31, 2004
Author: P&S

Sent: FRIDAY, January 30th 2004

Subject: Borobudur Ship Expedition Position

Position at 12:00hrs GMT was:

Latitude: S 19 09'. 34
Longitude: W 01 45'. 68
Speed: 3 knots
Direction: 320 degrees
Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: - 113 miles

Towards Ghana-Day 13

We moved on to the starboard tack by switching the mizzen, as until then we had been sailing goose winged and there was no need to change the main sail. Since then we have made a slightly better course as far as getting to St.Helena is concerned. We have also made a 113 miles over the past 24 hours and have 296 miles to run to St. Helena and have completed 1,416 miles since leaving Cape Town.

During the night we seem to have had quite a few flying fish visit us in various ways. One came through the hatch and ended up in Azizís bunk. Another couple ended up in a washing basin, and a further one hit Ross whilst he stood in the cockpit. Others ended up around the gallery of the ship.

We have also witnessed an amazing display from a shoal of about 50 dolphins earlier today. They were busy fishing and diving in and out of the water, giving us a wonderful display of their acrobatic skills. Their speed and agility set against the beautiful deep blue sea was a wonderful sight. All too soon we passed them by as they continued to focus on a small patch of sea that was clearly yielding a lot of fish.

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