Borobudur ship sails from Cape Town

Jan 14, 2004
Author: P&S

The Borobudur expedition ship is on the move again. After a short stopover in Cape Town the intrepid sailors are hoping to set off tomorrow morning (Thursday, 15 January) bound for Ghana in West Africa, their ultimate destination. This 3,200 nautical mile section of the journey (about the same as between New York and London) is expected to take between 30 and 40 days.

The first planned stop along the Atlantic route is the island of St Helena. On the intended route down the African east coast between Madagascar and Cape Town a number of unexpected calls at Richards Bay, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Mossel Bay became necessary due to adverse winds and weather.

Not that these stopovers mattered, and in the process the ship gained valuable exposure at each port as well as new supporters and well-wishers. However on the Atlantic side of the coast there are very few places to stop as the sailing will be done far out to sea, so maybe the ship will remain on schedule of necessity.

As the expedition leaves South African waters we wish them all bon voyage and may all winds be fair and from the right quarter.

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