Refugees rescued off Liberian coast

Jan 10, 2004
Author: P&S

The Dutch naval supply ship Rotterdam, which is assisting the UN Mission in Liberia, has gone to the rescue of 265 refugees who were stranded on board a Nigerian ship named El Shaddei.

The Nigerian ship had been drifting helplessly for four days after developing engine trouble and was then about five kilometres from the West African coast.

Initially Dutch Marines went on board the incapacitated Al Shaddei with the intention of helping get the incapacitated engine going once again and to provide food, water and medical assistance. However it became obvious that repairs would not be possible and the 265 Liberian refugees who were returning from Ghana were then taken on board the Dutch ship to be returned to Monrovia, where they will be placed in the custody of the UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees.

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