Borobudur sailing ship reaches Port Elizabeth

Dec 7, 2003
Author: P&S

Reporting excellent progress and fair winds, the email service from the Borobudur sailing ship now heading along the South African coast reached Port Elizabeth yesterday (Saturday).

Below is the latest email update which is available from the expeditionís website to be found at The site contains plenty of fascinating background to the ship, its origins and history, and reasons for the epic journey from Indonesia to Africa.

Email excerpt:
"We have had a very spectacular sail covering 213 miles in just 24 hours. Giving us an average speed of 8.8 knots and our best day's run for the entire trip.

Until today our best had been 177 miles at full stretch when we were crossing the middle of the Indian Ocean. Part of the speed of the last two days has been the Agulhas current, which we estimate has added 3 knots to our speed. So at around 1am local time we flew past East London at around 11 knots and decided to head on towards Port Elizabeth as the weather looked likely to hold for at least another 24 hours.

During the morning the wind moderated and we lost the effect of the current and we were back to a slow 5 knots, which in any other conditions would be quite respectable. Right now we have some 47 miles to run before we reach Port Elizabeth and will make that at some time after dark.

Stronger winds are predicted for the afternoon so we may get there before midnight with any luck. The Gods have clearly been on our side and Neptune has done his bit. We are likely to stay in Port Elizabeth for a day or two until the south westerly predicted for tomorrow afternoon has run it course. Then we will head for Cape Town which is just 400 miles around the corner from Port Elizabeth and one of the major deeds of the expedition will be done.

Meanwhile we will all be delighted to have reached Port Elizabeth which is approximately half way between Durban and Cape Town."
Philip Beale
Expedition Leader

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