Ports & Ships is one year old today.

Dec 27, 2003
Author: Terry Hutson

The Ports & Ships website was introduced on 27 December 2002 as a modest means of bringing news and data of maritime events from around the southern African coast to interested readers. (One or two news articles appeared dated 23 December.)

Africa is often relegated to a forgotten corner in discussion about global sea lanes and trade routes. We’d like to contribute towards unmasking this fallacy and help make people more aware of the importance and relevance of Africa and its sea routes.

We still have a long way to go in fulfilling those intentions and these past 12 months were merely the start.

Ports & Ships intends expanding with more relevant news and events and updated data on the ports and harbours of the region, and hopes to expand this information base to include other regions.

We thank the readers who have made more than one million page ‘hits’ on this site during these 12 months. By the final quarter of 2003 we began averaging nearly 13,000 readers every month; readers who open between 10 and 12 pages each time they access Ports & Ships. Many of these are regular readers. To all we say thank you.

We also invite you to provide feedback on what is required – thank you to those who do make use of the respond buttons. Your queries and comments are appreciated.

In future Ports & Ships will also be providing an exciting opportunity to display your company services in a meaningful way that informs readers, many of whom come to the site looking for such services. We invite companies in the maritime field to contact us in this regard.

To all readers of Ports & Ships, our wishes for a happy and successful 2004.

Terry Hutson - Editor
Ports & Ships

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