Borobudur ship at Mossel Bay.

Dec 27, 2003
Author: P&S

The latest update (dated 23 December 2003) from the Borobudur website at reads:

During the last 19.5 hours we completed the 100 miles to Mossel Bay and have now anchored in front of the Mossel Bay Yacht Club.

We experienced an incredible sail over that time in almost perfect sailing conditions. The only imperfection was the weather was not going to hold for more than a further 24 hours, thus denying us the opportunity to reach Cape Town before Christmas day.

At the beginning of the afternoon we sailed through an arch of clouds into an area of clear blue sky. Our spirits lifted as we sailed “goose-winged” at around 7 knots. The spectacular Tsitsikamma Mountains to starboard, the sunset produced an awesome green flash and then the clouds on the horizon became outlined in gold, giving the appearance of icebergs.

We were surrounded by seabirds as the sky faded from the golden sunset and the first of many stars appeared that were to entertain us all night. Sailing doesn’t get much better than this. Later we furled the mizzen to reduce our speed so we could enter Mossel bay in daylight.

We anchored at 07.30 hours GMT. It was a shame that we couldn’t continue beyond Mossel Bay but 3 to 4 days of south westerly gales are forecast from tomorrow and we will therefore be sheltering in Mossel Bay until the next weather window can get us round the Cape.

That is not likely to be before 28th December. Meanwhile Happy Christmas to all of those who are following our progress and thanks for your support.

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