An incredible sail for an 8th Century Vessel

Dec 22, 2003
Author: P&S

Email dated 22 December 2003:

The Borobudur Expedition Ship left the marina at the Algoa Bay Yacht club, Port Elizabeth, at 0800 hours GMT this morning (22 December 2003).

At 12.00 hours GMT the ship was about 3 miles off Cape Recife, having given the Cape plenty of room as there are many wrecks around that indicate it is not too wise to go close inshore.

The crew are looking forward to spending some time at sea having been spoilt by the wonderful hospitality from the community of Port Elizabeth.

An earlier posting on the ship’s website (dated 7 December) reads:

We dropped anchor at 0030hrs local time in the commercial harbour at Port Elizabeth and have now moved around to the friendly mooring at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club. We made the 47 miles to the Port Elizabeth in just over 12 hours and are now enjoying the local “curiosity factor” and huge welcome.

Port Elizabeth is home to 20,000 Indonesian/Malays amongst many others. Although we have only come halfway from Durban to Cape Town (but all the way from Indonesia) the welcome has been ecstatic. Our passage here was so fast that we arrived 24 hours ahead of most people’s expectations and some thought it was a voyage too far and we wouldn’t make it.

Still we made it without incident and enjoyed one of the most incredible sails that one possible can experience. The voyage went like a dream and the crew worked magnificently together. The significance of what we are doing is only just becoming apparent. As one person said “The expedition is rewriting the ancient history of South Africa with this voyage”. And as comments go they don’t get much bigger than that. We are likely to be here for another 2 to 3 days before finding another good weather window to continue towards Cape Town.

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