Red Tide warning for Table Bay

Nov 20, 2003
Author: P&S

A dense bloom of toxic red tide has been detected in the Table Bay area and members of the public are advised not to collect and/or eat any mussels or other filter feeding organisms such as red bait and oysters in the area between Yzerfontein and Cape Point, a distance of about 100 km. These organisms could be highly toxic and extremely dangerous.

Symptoms of poisoning include tingling and numbness of the mouth, lips and fingers, accompanied by general muscular weakness and lack of coordination. Anyone suspecting that they may have been poisoned should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Scientists from the department are taking daily water and mussel samples to monitor the situation and to determine the levels of toxicity.

The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism has a Red Tide Information line, telephone 27 21 434 4457. Members of the public may call this number to get the latest information.

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