Missing tanker mystery

Sep 24, 2003
Author: P&S

A tanker named Beacon has been reported as missing after sailing from the northern Mozambique port of Nacala last month.

The Mozambique newspaper Noticias reports that the vessel was carrying a cargo of fuel worth about USD 350,000 for the port of Quelimane in central Mozambique, when the ship left from Nacala at night without authorisation after enquiries about its operations authority.

The newspaper speculated the crew had made a dash for Tanzania, as the ship was last seen in the southern Tanzania port of Mtwara, where they attempted to sort out an out of date operating licence. The ship subsequently sailed from Mtwara last week and hasnít been seen since.

As a result of the shipís disappearance with the fuel, the central province of Zambezia is undergoing transport hardships, with fuel having to be trucked in from Beira and Nacala. The Mozambique oil distribution company Petromac is said to be seeking legal compensation from the operators of the missing tanker.

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