Maritime Security

Aug 15, 2003
Author: Quintus van der Merwe, Shepstone & Wylie

Quintus van der Merwe
Partner, International Transport & Trade
Shepstone & Wylie

Far reaching maritime security measures are being introduced worldwide due to the events of September 11th 2001.

As a direct result of 911, SOLAS (the Safety of Lives at Sea Convention) Chapter 11 has been amended to provide for the inclusion of an International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities, known as the ISPS Code.

South Africa has agreed to implement the ISPS Code in order to keep in line with its international trading partners. Simply put, we have no choice but to do so, failing which we may find that vessels that visit South Africa would be turned away at other ports because they are a perceived security risk. Given that the bulk of our imports and exports are by sea, we obviously cannot afford to buck the international community's approach.

The ISPS Code has to be implemented by 4 July 2004, which leaves very little time.

In addition to the ISPS, a further security initiative, the Container Security Initiative (CSI) has been introduced. South Africa has adopted this initiative, making the country the second CSI signing since the launch of Phase 2 of CSI on 12 June.

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