Durbanís new harbour master

Jun 13, 2003
Author: P&S

Durban has a new harbour master, Captain Sanjiv Tandon who transferred from Port Elizabeth on 1 June to become Durbanís first harbour master since 1847.

Captain Tandin succeeds Captain Derick Cooke, who left the National Ports Authority in December 2001.

Captain Tandon holds a Class 1 Master Marinerís Certificate of Competence together with a number of other credentials. These include an Advanced Business Programme from the Technikon Natal Business Studies Unit, a Certificated course in Nautical Management from the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam, an MBA degree from the University of Wales and a Maritime Safety Management Programme from SIDA in Sweden.

His career with the National Ports Authority commenced in 1995 as a marine pilot with the then Portnet at the port of Richards Bay, before subsequently moving to Port Elizabeth as harbour master.

The post of acting harbour master at Durban has been filled most ably by Captain Sanks Plaatjes, who arrived in Durban to be deputy harbour master just as Captain Cooke left. Captain Plaatjes now reverts to his original intended role as deputy harbour master Durban.

For the record

Incidentally, for those who enjoy exactitudes, Captain Tandin is the first Harbour Master of Durban since 1847. All his predecessors reaching back to that date were appointed to the position of Port Captain, after the title of Harbour Master had fallen away.

Durbanís first harbour master was Cornelius Botha who served for a brief period in 1840. He was replaced with a succession harbour masters who each served short terms until the appointment of William Douglas Bell in March 1845. Bell remained in office until 1847 but was later to be re-appointed in 1849 as Durbanís third Port Captain. The honour of first port captain went to John Douglas in 1847.

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