Unicorn pioneers new security measures

Dec 23, 2002
Author: Robert Young - Marine Director of Unicorn Shipping

Last year's 11 September terrorist attacks in the USA and the growing scourge of ship piracy in certain sea lanes have prompted a re-think about maritime security.

The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) intends to promulgate special measures to enhance maritime safety in terms of Annexures to the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention.

Among a number of related measures that will include inter alia ships being required to have certified formal security plans, appointed security officer, automatic identification system (AIS) and a discrete "panic alarm" radio signalling device, ships will also be required to have their Identity
Numbers permanently engraved and marked on their hulls, internally and externally.

Although international implementation of these new SPFS (Ship and Port Facility Security) measures are still some way off, Unicorn took the opportunity presented in December by the first 5-year dry-docking of its 45,000DWT flagship, Hambisa, to carve the ship's ID number into her hull.

Perhaps the first ship in the region so marked, Hambisa now displays a feature that will within the next few years become mandatory internationally.

*Picture caption: Displaying the "sign of the times" are Unicorn's Fleet Manager, Mr. Mike Roberts (left) and the Master of Unicorn Tankers' Hambisa, Capt Gerry Savy (right).

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