Navy Festival weekendís big attraction

Mar 12, 2008
Author: P&S


The annual South African Navy Festival will be held this weekend, from Friday 14 through to Sunday 16 March at the Simonís Town Naval Base.

This is the time when the navy literally opens its doors to the public, to come and see what the navy is all about and an opportunity to see at first hand just how your tax rands have been spent. On display will be ships of the fleet, which will be joined this year by the ships of the German Navy task force that has been in our waters for about a month undertaking exercises with the SAN.

But itís not only about ships Ė itís also about people with a variety of events that are aimed at keeping everyone, of all ages, entertained and excited throughout the three days.

The gates of the naval base will open at 10h00 each day and close at 18h00. Entrance is free but parking is going to be at a premium and visitors should be prepared for a long walk. Alternately consider using the Simonís Town trains which leave from Cape Town main station throughout the day and evening.

Among the many attractions are the following:

Ships of the SA and German Navies will be dressed (flagged) and open to the public.
Tug rides and tug ballets on the waters of the harbour
Flea Market
Childrenís activities
Gun Run
Navy Band performing
Fire Fighting displays
Naval Dog displays
Air Sea Rescue
Super Lynx and Oryx helicopters on display
Live Cannon firing
Diving displays by the divers of the navy
Various static displays and exhibits

On the evening of 14 March (Friday) there is a concert in the dry dock with free entry

On Saturday morning 15 March a Right of Entry Parade through the streets of Simonís Town, commencing at 10h00
On Saturday evening a performance by the Navy Choir in the SAS Simonsberg Cinema starting at 18h45 (free entry)
Later that evening (at 20h00) there will be a Night Gunnery Shoot from Lower North

On Sunday a Retreat Ceremony will be held between 16h15 and 16.30



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