L H Marthinusen Engineering Services

Tel: 031-2057211 /6
Fax: 031-2057339
Contact Person: Vernon Jones
Mobile: 083 4408446
Email: vernonj@lhmdbn.co.za
Web site: www.marthinusen.com

Physical Address: 4 Belfast Road, Bayhead, Durban, 4001

Postal Address: P O Box 2515, Durban, 4000

Location: Durban KwaZulu Natal

Ship builders & repairers
Marine engineers

Electrical services :

Repair and rewinding of all rotating equipment of unlimited size.
Repair and rewinding of all static electrical equipment of unlimited size and voltage.
Coil manufacturing.
Copper drawing.
Repairs to switchboards.
Complete ships wiring.
Alternators, radar, Satnav, auto pilots, deck crane winches etc.
Sea-going repairs or installations
VPI tanks
Control systems.

Quality :

ISO 9002 - 1994

Mechanical services :

Repairs to diesels, aux, main, engines.
Pipe work, crank shaft grinding and rebuilding.
Boiler repairs.
Turbo charges, pumps, valves, metal spraying, hydraulic, balancing workshop
8 Ton, en situ, condition monitoring, sea-going repairs.

Ports serviced : Durban, Richards Bay, Cape Town & other African ports on request.