Cruise ship Melody ends South African summer season and sails for Europe

Mar 19, 2007
Author: P&S

After a highly successful summer season the best yet according to the Starlight people the 1500-passenger cruise ship Melody has returned to the Mediterranean after completing almost four months of cruising out of Durban.

During this time the ship is reported to have carried 45,000 passengers, well above the 26,000 passengers who cruised from Durban in the Rhapsody in the summer of 2005/06.

Melody will return to Durban in November for yet another summer season of cruising to Mozambique destinations. This includes several of the coastal islands as well as beach resorts along the coast and the occasional visit to Maputo and, if rumours are to be believed, the ship will be joined by a second vessel in the summer Rhapsody.

If so then one assumes Rhapsody will take on the longer cruises to Mauritius and Madagascar in addition to transferring to Cape Town for a number of weeks to offer people on the peninsular the opportunity of cruising along the southern Cape coast and to Walvis Bay and Luderitz in Namibia.

This had in fact been planned for the season just past, with the intended second ship being the Monterey which would then have remained in South African waters throughout the winter and into the following summer as well. As has been well documented on these pages, Monterey developed major boiler problems which resulted in her going to the scrappers in India instead of cruising out of Durban, leaving a substantial number of reservations to be cancelled, reimbursed or swapped for cruises on the Melody.

South Africa now has only one more cruise ship to look forward to this summer - QE2 in early April (6 April Durban and 8 April Cape Town).



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