End of the road for SS Norway, alias Blue Lady?

Aug 4, 2006
Author: P&S

The end of the road now appears likely for the former liner SS Norway, once the SS France and pride of the French fleet.

A committee appointed by the Indian Supreme Court has given the nod for the 315m long ship to be broken up at Alang, despite fears that the vessel contains large quantities of asbestos and other hazardous components.

The ship, which now carries the name ‘Blue Lady’ has been at anchor off the Indian coast in Gujarat awaiting the committee’s decision – the Supreme Court already having ruled that the ship may be broken up provided its expert committee gave the nod. To reach its decision the committee had to board the ship and conduct a full inspection, which has now been completed.

According to this expert committee the ship possesses 215 tonnes of hazardous material that will have to be disposed of in a safe manner.

SS Norway suffered a boiler explosion in Miami port some years ago and after a lengthy period of indecision by Norwegian Cruise Line, the ship was towed around the Cape of Good Hope ostensibly to undergo a refurbishment and re-enter service in the Far East, but environmentalists say this was simply a ruse and the intention all along was to have the ship broken up in Asia.


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