Paul Allenís superyacht Octopus arrives in Durban

June 16, 2006
Author: P&S

The superyacht Octopus, owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen duly arrived yesterday as reported in that dayís News Bulletin.

Octopus sails down the entrance channel into Durban harbour shortly after 08.00 on Thursday, 15 June 2006. Click on image to enlarge. Picture by Terry Hutson

It is unclear however just where the yacht arrived from. In our report yesterday we suggested it was from Croatia, which was based on an image courtesy of, apparently taken at Dubrovnik on 1 June 2006. However from a casual conversation with someone in Durban yesterday it appears the ship has just sailed across the Indian Ocean from northern Australia, having previously crossed the Pacific en route to Durban from the Caribbean.

Coming alongside. Octopus prepares to berth alongside the passenger terminal at N berth in Durban harbour, at 09.00 on Thursday, 15 June 2006. Click image to enlarge. Picture by Terry Hutson

It also appears the yacht will be sailing on Sunday or Monday for the north coast of KZN or possibly to Mozambique but will be returning to Durban shortly afterwards. At some point a number of guests are due to arrive in Durban where they will join the vessel Ė there was no sign of any passenger/guests on board when she arrived.

If all this sounds uncertain or even a little mysterious, thatís the way it goes with this type of visitor. Owners of the superyachts prefer the rest of us to believe itís all a hallucination. The owners of the superyacht hulls built in Durban in recent years by Oceanco all without exception demanded confidentiality concerning their identities, despite the fact that it was soon known that hull number XXX was for Kerry whatshisname and ZZZ was for Sheikh Bloggs.

Similarly the word whenever vessels like the Octopus arrive in port is, Ďlow profile, no press!í On the other hand, maybe itís just their way of trying to create attention. If so itís working.



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