Looking for a meteorite at sea

May 7, 2005
Author: P&S

Fancy a cruise with a difference? Swan Hellenic, operators of the delightful cruise ship Minerva II which visited South Africa in December, have come up with a somewhat unique and attractive packaging for a forthcoming cruise.

Minerva II made a good impression on at least this observer when she visited Durban in December, not just for being a cruise ship of high standard but also the unique quality and appropriateness of the landside tours. Pictures Terry Hutson

“Imagine the scene – miles away from land, completely devoid of light pollution, aboard one of the world’s most sophisticated cruise ships, viewing a meteorite shower from the middle of the Mediterranean Sea,” says Swan Hellenic’s representative in South Africa.

The 15-day cruise gets underway in Cadiz in Spain on 6 August and passengers should witness – weather always permitting – an unusually bright astronomical phenomenon of a meteorite shower at sea. The meteorite shower is expected to be visible for three nights in a row and being at sea there will be no light pollution to distract from the grandeur of the stars and the shower.

Prior to the heavenly display passengers will have had the opportunity of listening to lectures by a noted former NASA astronomer, Dr Malcolm Coe explaining the phenomenon and who will add to passengers’ benefit with talks on astronomy old and new and its connections with the sites being visited in the Mediterranean.

The ship is visiting Spanish, Moroccan, Italian, Southern French, Maltese and Greek ports along its 15-day cruise – one of the best things about cruising in places like the Mediterranean is being able to visit awe-inspiring places of antiquity while enjoying the comfort and luxury of your traveling hotel.

Other high profile guest speakers on board for this voyage include Dr Douglas Campbell who has a television programme in the pipeline based on Christianity’s subversion of paganism, and a specialist and art historian Dr Penny McCracken who will guide passengers with a talk on ‘Moorish architecture in Andalusia – a history of gardens’, plus several other guest lecturers.

Full details are available from Cruise Solutions at +2711 706 8745 or your local travel agent.


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