Queen Mary 2 arrives at homeport of Southampton

Dec 26, 2003
Author: P&S

Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest and most expensive passenger liner, is scheduled to arrive at her homeport of Southampton in the UK later today (Friday, 26 December 2003).

The giant ship sailed from the French builders’ yard earlier this week to prepare for her naming ceremony, which will be conducted on 8 January 2004 by Queen Elizabeth II. Following this on 12 January the ship will head out to sea on her maiden voyage for Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

The short voyage from St Nazaire in France has given the ship’s new crew time to familiarise themselves with their charge and also served as a final short shake-down cruise ahead of the real thing.

In April 2004 Queen Mary 2 is due to take over the Trans-Atlantic liner service from her predecessor, Queen Elizabeth 2. The transition will take place in New York with both ships sailing together for Southampton after which Queen Elizabeth 2 will revert to her future role as a cruise ship.

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