Correction to Adieu to SA Vaal

Apr 18, 2003
Author: P&S

In the article about the final voyage of the ex Union Castle mailship SA Oranje it was mentioned that she was originally the Edinburgh Castle. In fact this ship was the ex-Pretoria Castle – Safmarine held an option to replace the Edinburgh Castle when the latter ship came to the end of her service, which was not taken up. The error is Ports & Ships and not Ken Malcolm.

It has been pointed out that another ex-Union Castle ship remains in existence, albeit laid up for some years. This is the former Dunnottar Castle of 1936, now named Princesa Victoria and last in service with the Cypriot-registered Louis Cruise Line. This ship, a former intermediate steamer on the East Coast service between the UK and South Africa was withdrawn from Union Castle service in 1958 and sold to the Incres Shipping Co who made extensive alterations including a new bow and stern as well as new engines. She was renamed Victoria and later passed into Chandris hands and in that guise paid several more visits to South Africa.

Dunnottar Castle’s sister ship, Dunvegan Castle was torpedoed and sunk during World War II with the loss of a number of lives.

Anyone know of other surviving ex-Union Castle ships?

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